On 11 November 2017 the Commission invited people around the world to take part in its global remembrance event, in memory of our fallen heroes. For the event, the CWGC created a new app – Hold High The Torch.

Thousands of people from around the world downloaded the free app and used it on 11 November to share photos through social media, creating a global remembrance moment – a wave of light from Adelaide to Alberta.


The app allowed you to take selfies and group shots, add torch stickers and share them on social media using the hashtag #HoldHighTheTorch.

Launching the event, Liz Woodfield, the CWGC’s Director of Information and Communications, said: “For 100 years, the flame of remembrance has been a defining image for the CWGC. It forms part of the Commission’s official seal and symbolises our commitment to remembering those who died in the two world wars, today, tomorrow and forever.

“Hold High The Torch is designed to build on that legacy, and we want you to take part.”

Latest News

The Commission has begun a project to document, restore and preserve its unique memorials in Africa.

An appeal for relatives is a search to locate the next of kin for soldiers who fell in war. Could you be connected to any of these individuals?

15 February 2018

New Zealand remembers

New Zealand’s Minister of Defence visited the CWGC’s Buttes New British Cemetery yesterday to honour the country’s soldiers lost 100 years ago, as part of a First World War battlefields tour in Belgium.