08 August 2017

CWGC marks the 90th anniversary of the Menin Gate Memorial

Today, the CWGC is marking the 90th anniversary of the unveiling of the Ypres (Menin Gate) Memorial with a commemorative service and opening of a photographic exhibition. We will be reporting on the commemorations as they happen.


It's 9am and rehearsals are in full swing.


10am - Carl Liversage, Head of External Relations for Western Europe Area at the CWGC, begins proceedings at the Menin Gate.


CWGC Director General Victoria Wallace welcomes all to the Menin Gate. In her opening address, she said: “As we mark the 90th anniversary of the Menin Gate’s inauguration today, let us also remember not only those who fell, but all those who have come, through the years, to mourn; to pay their respects; and to reflect on the terrible loss. Faced with a still uncertain world, still full of instability, intolerance and tyranny, there is nothing more uplifting and positive than seeing the nightly crowds here at the gate, comprising both older generations and the young.”


Soprano Mrs Emma Brown performs hymn 'Abide with Me' with music by The Royal Band of the Belgian Airforce.


Six buglers from the Last Post Association sound the Last Post.


CWGC Centenary Interns hand over wreaths for dignitaries, including Mr Steven Vandeput, Belgian Minister of Defence; Mr Carl Decauluwe, Governor of West Flanders; Mr Jef Verschoore, First Alderman of the City of Ieper - representing the burgomaster; and representatives of commonwealth nations to lay under the Menin Gate Memorial.


Victoria Wallace, Director General of the CWGC, lays a wreath.


Poppies fall from the roof of the Menin Gate as Mrs Emma Brown performs hymn 'O Valiant Heart'.


The National Anthems by the Belgian Royal Airforce music band brings the Menin Gate 90th service to a close.


Guests attend the opening of a photographic exhibition on the memorial on display at the Ramparts. The exhibition is opened by CWGC Director General Victoria Wallace. For more on the exhibition, click here.


Watch the service live on our Facebook page:



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Latest News

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The 75th anniversary of one of the most significant battles of the Second World War will be marked at a ceremony in the CWGC’s El Alamein Cemetery and Memorial in Egypt on Saturday 21 October. The commemoration will be the largest for many years and, as the 75th, is likely to be the last on this scale. Ahead of Saturday's ceremony, here is more about the battle and the Commission’s work in North Africa.

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