02 October 2017

The weekend's open-air screening in photos

A special open-air screening of the classic war film Carve Her Name with Pride was held at CWGC Brookwood Military Cemetery on Saturday.

Set against the moving backdrop of the memorial that bears her name, Carve Her Name with Pride is the inspiring true life story of Violette Szabo GC – one of the bravest women in the Second World War.

Before the screening, attendees heard from Violette’s daughter, Tania, who spoke about her mother’s life, and from the film’s main star, Virginia McKenna.

Violette Szabo was a Special Operations Executive (SOE) agent during the Second World War and a posthumous recipient of the George Cross.

On her second mission into occupied France, she was captured by the German army, interrogated, tortured and deported to Ravensbrück concentration camp in Germany where she was executed, aged just 23, between the dates of 25 January and 5 February 1945.

The event was presented by the Commission’s new charity, the Commonwealth War Graves Foundation (CWGF), which has been set up to create a legacy programme, embedded in communities around the world, moving us forward to our next century.

The CWGF exists to inform the public about the work of the CWGC and offers opportunities to get involved with its work.

To become a CWGF supporter, you can donate £30 a year and help us to share the CWGC story. Click here to find out more about the CWGF.

Photo credit: photos taken by wyrdLight.com

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