14 November 2018

Private George Ellison Image

George Edwin Ellison is believed to be the last British soldier killed on the Western Front before the Armistice brought the fighting to an end. He is buried in St Symphorien Military Cemetery, near Mons.

We told George’s story as part of our ‘Road to Peace’ campaign, which marked the final months of the war by telling a personal story every day from August to November, culminating in 11 stories of those who died on 11 November 1918. 

It was brought to our attention that a photograph we used purporting to be George Ellison was erroneously attributed, and was not an image of George.

As it was a crowd-sourced image we had sought usage permission, which was granted by the original contributor who believed the portrait to be Private Ellison. But we were unable to independently verify the image, and since we have been made aware of the problem the image has now been removed by its uploader.

We are very grateful to several members of the public who alerted us to this issue. In the small number of instances where we were unable to remove the image from our content, we will include a note of explanation highlighting the problem.

We are always pleased to hear feedback on our content, and as we move forward beyond the Armistice we are looking forward to several exciting projects which will provide more opportunities for people to work with us to ensure that the 1.7 million men and women we commemorate are remembered.