13 February 2020

Burial and Rededication services in March 2020

The following burial and rededication services are due to be held at CWGC Cemeteries in March 2020.

Wednesday 11 March

Burial service for an Unknown Soldier of an Unknown Regiment will be held at CWGC’s Bologna War Cemetery.

A burial service will be held for an unknown soldier of an unknown regiment at Bologna War Cemetery.

The remains of this casualty were found near Monte Spaduro and artefacts recovered indicate that he was a Commonwealth soldier Unfortunately, despite extensive research by the UK’s Joint Casualty and Compassionate Centre, no further information could be determined.

CWGC will install a headstone commemorating him as a soldier ‘Known unto God’, and care for his grave in perpetuity.

The service has been organised by the Joint Casualty and Compassionate Centre and will be attended by Defence Staff, CWGC staff and local dignitaries. Members of the public are invited to attend the ceremony, and the time will be added to this event once confirmed.

Tuesday 24 March

Rededication service for Lance Corporal Brunton Smith will be held at CWGC’s Bancourt British Cemetery.

Rededication service for Private James McNeilage McLean will be held at CWGC’s Fosse 7 Military Cemetery (Quality Street).

Wednesday 25 March

Rededication service for Lance Corporal Wilfred Jones will be held at CWGC’s Guillemont Road Cemetery.

Further details and timings to follow.