The Commission is inviting people around the world to take part in its global remembrance event on 11 November, in memory of our fallen heroes. For the event, the CWGC has created a new app – Hold High The Torch - available for Android and iOS. 

We are asking people around the world to download the free app and use it on 11 November to share photos through social media, to create a global remembrance moment – a wave of light from Sydney to London.

The app allows you to take selfies and group shots, add torch stickers and share them on social media using the hashtag #HoldHighTheTorch.

Liz Woodfield, the CWGC’s Director of Information and Communications, said: “For 100 years, the flame of remembrance has been a defining image for the CWGC. It forms part of the Commission’s official seal and symbolises our commitment to remembering those who died in the two world wars, today, tomorrow and forever.

“Hold High The Torch is designed to build on that legacy, and we want you to take part.”

How to get involved

  • Download the Hold High The Torch app
  • On 11 November hold high the torch by taking a photo using the app and share the image across your social media platforms with the hashtag #HoldHighTheTorch

Your pledge will be added to our interactive map displaying the commemorative wave of light as it spreads across the country. To ensure you’re not missed off the map, make sure the location setting on the device you are using is on when sharing on Twitter and Facebook.