We work with local people and volunteers, schools and education networks, universities and community organisations across the world, supporting our international colleagues with engagement and connecting communities in this shared, global heritage.

We actively seek to develop relationships and partnership projects that promote the increased awareness of our work. We wish to increase visitor numbers to our sites and support communities in the exploration of their First World War and Second World War history at a local level and in an international context.

Case Study

In 2016, we delivered a workshop with I.M.Panagiotopoulos School in Athens, with support from the British Council. CWGC staff from the Mediterranean Office and the Head Gardener in Athens, held a workshop at the school. Two classes were shown how to use the database and were encouraged to research individuals buried at Phaleron. The students were then asked to discuss Athens during the Second World War. They explored poetry, global themes of conflict and shared histories and remembrance such as how we and other cultures remember. The teachers and students visited the cemetery the following day. They found the graves they had researched, read their poems and took flowers to lay.

"It was great to welcome the young people and teachers in to the cemetery, many of them didn’t know what the cemetery was. It is good to see young people learning about the city and this history and the individual soldiers who are buried in the city," said Manolis Tsoulos, Head Gardener, CWGC Phaleron.

“They are not Greek but they are in our city now, and travelled from very far away places and were our age. We should visit them and remember them here,” a student said.

The students made a film and interviewed each other about the project. Click on the link to watch the film: https://vimeo.com/189105825

Visitors at gaza war cemetery

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