CWGC are now running tours of our sites at Imtarfa Military Cemetery and Pieta Military Cemetery every Friday and Monday between 9.00am and 1.00pm and also at weekends upon request.

Find out more about these incredible sites, their part in the history of Malta and some of the fascinating people we commemorate.

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Personal stories

  • We are curating stories to honour the people commemorated in Malta.
  • Read about the rich histories of the brave people who fell during the World Wars
  • Do you have a story or any information about someone buried in Malta?

Wartime Malta

During the First World War Malta was a vital base of operations and a medical hub which treated wounded soldiers brought here from across the Mediterranean. During the Second World War Malta was besieged for more than two years. More bombs were dropped on the island than on London during the Blitz. In recognition of their bravery and suffering, the people of Malta were awarded the George Cross.


Take a trip though Malta’s history with our Malta timeline video and discover more about the Commission's work on the island.

Follow the story from the outbreak of the First World War, when the island welcomed the injured; through to its strategic role in the Second World War. Learn about the high cost paid by its people and how those lost are still honoured today.

What we do

CWGC commemorates many individuals at fourteen sites across the Island. Malta is the final resting place of many heroes both military and civilian.We proudly care for and honour the memory of these incredible people and this incredible island.

Must visit sites

Cappucini Military Cemetery

Capuccini Military Cemetery

Walk through the beautiful stone arch at the entrance and be captivated by one of the most moving cemeteries in Malta.

Imtarfa Military History

Imtarfa Military Cemetery

In the shadow of the ancient city of Mdina lies Imtarfa Military Cemetery. A beautiful, tranquil site steeped in history, start your journey of discovery here.

Imtarfa Military History

Pieta Military Cemetery

This beautiful walled cemetery in the heart of Pieta is a poignant mix of both war and civilian casualties.

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