Photos of 5 CWGC Cemeteries in Springtime

At this time of year many of the Commonwealth War Graves Commission cemeteries around the world see a burst of colour as flowers bloom and the dark days of winter fade away. This week we’ve picked out some of our favourite images of CWGC sites in spring.

Flowers in cemetery

Ypres Reservoir Cemetery

Located to the north-west of the city of Ieper, Belgium, and designed by Sir Reginald Bloomfield, Ypres Reservoir Cemetery commemorates more than 2,000 Commonwealth servicemen from the First World War.

"Everyone is waking up to start their busy day while it remains silent @CWGC Ypres Reservoir Cemetery. An oasis of tranquillity in the midst of @StadIeper well, except for when the CWGC gardeners come in to mow the Spring grass, but that is a heartwarming sight too #CWGC" - Louise Dujardin

Ramleh War Cemetery

This cemetery, created during the First World War, dates to when the 1st Australian Light Horse Brigade occupied the city of Ramla in 1917. Used by medical units during both wars, Ramleh War Cemetery, in Israel, now commemorates more than 4,000 servicepeople.

"Yes it's spring colours today in @CWGC #Ramleh War Cemetery #OurWorkContinues" - Nader Habash

Harrogate Stonefall Cemetery

Although far from the fighting fronts, Harrogate, in the United Kingdom, was nevertheless a hub of military activity during both World Wars. Now nearly 1,000 servicemen and women are commemorated in Harrogate Stonefall Cemetery which is located just outside the city.

"Stonefall @CWGC looking magnificent today in the spring sunshine as we prepare for volunteer guiding in War Graves Week 21-28 May. Thank you @ElizbethjmSmith @WW1_Education for all the support!" - Andrew Thornton

Ecoivres Military Cemetery

Down the road from the village of Mont-Saint-Eloi, France, is Ecoivres Military Cemetery which contains the burials of more than 1,700 service personnel who fell during the First World War.

"Today I went to the military cemetery of Ecoivres a site full of colours at the moment and where my colleague Quentin is doing a remarkable job on his own he manages 1 hectare" - Valentin Pesant

South Queensferry Cemetery

Not far from the city of Edinburgh, UK, is South Queensferry Cemetery which contains the burials of almost 190 servicemen, almost all of them Naval, from the two world wars.

"After such a wild weather day in Scotland good to remember that Spring and Summer will come in @CWGC sites in Scotland" - Iain Anderson

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