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CWGC Non-Commemoration Review 2022 is now published

A year ago, the Special Committee report into historical cases of non-commemoration highlighted ten recommendations to correct historical wrongs for the present-day CWGC. This instigated an ambitious programme to ensure ALL who served in and with the Commonwealth’s armed forces during the World Wars are honoured and remembered.

The first annual review of CWGC’s progress has now been published and details the significant steps we have taken to address these recommendations. The non-commemoration project is now a core part of our culture and daily work involving dedicated project teams and financial support.

The report covers the project teams, the search for names, operational delivery, our progress, digital commemoration, education and community engagement, the value of external voices and the road ahead.

Key to all of this is finding the names of the fallen. This is led by CWGC historian Dr George Hay and involves painstaking research in the UK and at local archives and sites across Africa Asia and the Middle East. Details of the work our dedicated teams and international partners are doing, locating any existing war records and piecing together scraps of information to recover the names, are covered within the review.

A PDF version of the CWGC Non-Commemoration Project First Annual Review 2022 is available to download on this link:

Download CWGC Non-Commemoration Review 2022

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