Eyes On, Hands On volunteer project relaunches

We are pleased to be able to welcome Eyes On, Hands On volunteers back to join us here at the Commonwealth War Graves Commission. Following a pause in the project during the spring lockdown, we have now been able to revise the programme focusing on the Eyes On work enabling volunteers to safely work, taking into account the evolving restrictions in different parts of the country.

Eyes On, Hands On was first launched last year to help us ensure UK war graves remain in good condition. Once trained, volunteers across the country are encouraged to visit their local war graves sites and feedback information on their condition. By acting as our local eyes on the ground, volunteers can help us to better direct our in-house teams, and quickly pick up on any local issues that need attention.

Existing volunteers who had already signed up or expressed an interest have already been welcomed to re-register using our new volunteer portal, and we are now also able to accept new applications.

To learn more about the project or find a volunteer vacancy in your local area, click here.

Eyes On, Hands On has been made possible thanks to a generous donation to the Commonwealth War Graves Foundation from Annington.

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