Newly digitised CWGC Rolls of Honour for Iraq

Newly digitised versions of the Iraq and Basra Rolls of Honour are now available to view online on the Commission’s website.

We commemorate more than 54,000 Commonwealth war dead from the world wars who are buried or commemorated at 19 sites throughout Iraq.

Basra Memorial

During the current climate of political instability in the region, it is often extremely challenging for us to maintain our sites in Iraq. As a temporary solution, all of the names of the Commonwealth casualties commemorated in the country were bound in a two-volume roll of honour.

Up until now, these rolls of honour have only been available to view at our head office in Maidenhead, Berkshire.

These volumes are now available digitally on our website to view, and have been created to allow easy access to those unable to make the trip to our head office.

Both the Iraq Roll of Honour and one for the Basra Memorial have been created, and both are interactive, searchable and user-friendly.

The physical Rolls of Honour will continue to be displayed at our Head Office and can by viewed by prior arrangement.

We will continue to monitor the situation in Iraq, and once we are able to do so, we will begin a major rehabilitation project for the cemeteries and memorials there.

View the digitised versions of the Rolls of Honour

You can view these digitised Rolls of Honour on our website. They're fully searchable and easy to use.

Rolls of Honour
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