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Welcome to the Commonwealth War Graves Commission website!

We commemorate the 1,700,000 men and women of the Commonwealth forces who died in the two world wars.

Our cemeteries, burial plots and memorials are a lasting tribute to those who died in some 154 countries across the world.

Our Register records details of Commonwealth war dead so that graves or names on memorials can be located.

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"Therefore, whatever may be done in the way of placing individual monuments over the dead, in very many cases no such monument is possible. Yet these must not be neglected, and some memorial there must be to the lost, the unknown, but not forgotten dead."

Sir Frederic Kenyon, Director of the British Museum and Artistic Advisor to the Imperial War Graves Commission, 22nd November 1918.

‘Thiepval Memorial Restoration’


Latest Cemetery Information


Major renovation of the turf and shrubbery will begin in this site from July
15th and run into October. Visitor access to the cemetery will not be possible
on Tuesday 4th August as the Cemetery will be closed from 07.00 until
11.00 due to essential maintenance, visitor access will also not be possible
on Wednesday 2nd September. 

Access will be possible throughout all other dates during the renovations;
however visitors are advised that there may be some disruption in certain



Major renovations works on the cemetery boundary wall are about to commence and will be completed by the the end of August. Visitors are advised that access may be difficult at times, and to access the cemetery on foot.

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