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Casualty Record Detail
Casualty Record Detail
Casualty Record Detail
Casualty Record Detail
Casualty Record Detail
Casualty Record Detail
Casualty Record Detail
Casualty Record Detail

South Africa
Western Cape
Identified Casualties:

Location Information

Cape Town (Maitland) Cemetery is situated 11 kilometres from the centre of Cape Town beyond Maitland.

Take the N1 in the direction of Paarl, then the N7 off-ramp in the direction of Goodwood up to the intersection with Voortrekker Road. Turn right and the cemetery, which is 3.5 kilometres long, is on the left.

To get to the cemetery follow the N1 national road to the N7 Malmesbury/Goodwood West off ramp, then take the Goodwood West road (Vanguard Road) and turn right at the intersection with Voortrekker Road (the first major intersection) and immediately left into gate No. 10.

Visiting Information

The cemetery consists of four sections. The 1914-1918 Commonwealth war graves are mainly in Section 4 and the 1939-1945 Commonwealth war graves are mainly in the Military Plot at the rear of Section 4, which has a large raised platform and a Cross of Sacrifice feature. Around 200 other Commonwealth war graves are scattered throughout the Sections. It may be necessary to consult the Secretary, C.W.G.C. South African Agency, or the Cemetery Authorities about the position of the graves.

Historical Information

Cape Town and the nearby Simon's Town were the scene of massive shipping movements (including hospital ships) during both World Wars. Many of the Commonwealth war graves of the First World War are associated with No.2 South African General Hospital at Maitland. During the Second World War naval and maritime air operations were conducted from the area. Instruction under the Empire Air Training scheme was conducted at 65 and 66 Air School at Youngsfield Aerodrome in the Wynberg area, and the Fleet Air Arm was established across the road from the cemetery at the Wingfield Aerodrome.

Cape Town (Maitland) Cemetery contains 437 Commonwealth burials of the First World War and 528 from the Second World War. There are also nine war graves of other nationalities within the cemetery and over 540 non-war burials (mostly Anglo Boer war graves) in the Commission's care here.

Within the cemetery stands the Cape Town (Maitland) Cremation Memorial which commemorates by name 17 casualties of the Second World War.