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Lt (Act Capt) Andrew Scott Wotherspoon, Scottish Rifles, attd 4th Ox & Bucks LI, KIA 16 August 1917.
First World War Army United Kingdom
By Dave Dykes

United Kingdom

Captain Andrew Scott Wotherspoon
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"Enlisted with the Scottish Rifles early in the war, transferred when he received his commission. Served his apprenticeship with Perth branch of the British Linen Bank."

In 1901, the Wotherspoon family were living at 38 Victoria Street, Perth: Father, Lawrence G. (Baker) (54); Mother, Susannah (52); Son, William (Baker) (21); Son, Andrew (Bank Clerk) (18); Daughter, Maggie (9); and Niece, Susannah Scott (Dyers Finisher) (18). Also living at this address, as a Boarder, was Robert Peddie (Postal Clerk) (20).

Andrew Wotherspoon enlisted with the 8th Cameronians (Scottish Rifles) around September 1915, and was promoted to Second Lieutenant on 28th November 1915. He was attached to the Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire Light Infantry on 14th September 1916, and joined D Company at Beauval. He was promoted to Lieutenant on 1st July 1917 and acting Captain on 20th July 1917.

Extract from the War Diary of the 1/4th Battalion Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire Light Infantry, 48th Division. August 1917


"4.a.m. All companies reported in position on assembly and direction tapes laid W of STEENBEEK in accordance with brigade’s orders."

“4.45.a.m. The attack started promptly our men advancing behind a strong artillery barrage. Little opposition beyond slight rifle fire on assembly positions, until first wave had advanced 200 yards E of STEENBEEK when it came under effective machine gun fire from MON DU HIBOU and right flank."

"Reinforced by our rear waves advance continued until stopped about 100 yards S of a line through MON DU HIBOU and TRIANGLE FARM by deadly machine-gun and rifle fire."

"Protected by strong concrete shelters the enemy maintained their fire while our barrage passed over them. Most of the twelve company officers became casualties in attempt to get forward."


“Relieving battalion in position shortly after midnight. Many of men late in getting out. Assembled at REIGERSBURG CAMP. Moved on at sunrise to DAMBRE CAMP. Men rested. Casualties checked. They were: Killed 5 officers - 2/LT A.S.WOTHERSPOON, 2/LT H.H.JEFFERSON, 2/LT F.E.JONES M.C., 2/LT C.H. BOWMAN, 2/LT A.F. SALMON - O.R. 60; Missing O.R. 4; Wounded officers - 5, 2/LT A.E. CREW, 2/LT J.H. EARLY, 2/LT E.C.H.WINCER, 2/LT D.E.COCHRANE, 2/LT JOHN SWATRIDGE; O.R. 100. All company commanders had been early casualties.”

At the time of his death Andrew Wotherspoon was 34 years of age.

Perthshire Advertiser, 22nd August 1917

“OUR OWN MEN - Lieut. A. S. Wotherspoon Killed"

“Sec. Lieut. Andrew S. Wotherspoon, Ox. and Bucks. Light Infantry, has been killed. He was the son of Mrs Wotherspoon and of the late L. G. Wotherspoon, 32 Victoria Street, Perth."

"Lieut. Wotherspoon enlisted with the Scottish Rifles early in the war and was transferred when he received his commission. He served his apprenticeship in the Perth branch of the British Linen Bank.”

Andrew Wotherspoon is also commemorated on the War Memorial of the Duddingston Golf Club, Edinburgh (until 1919 the Insurance and Banking Golf Club); the Perth North Church War Memorial and the British Linen Bank War Memorial, Edinburgh.

Tyne Cot Memorial, 2nd December 2022 (copyright Dave Dykes)
Duddingston Golf Club, Edinburgh, War Memorial (copyright SMRG)
Perth North Church War Memorial (copyright SMRG)
British Linen Bank War Memorial (copyright SMRG)