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Sepoy Wellington Massar, Indian Distinguished Service Medal
Second World War Army Indian Kohima and Imphal
Sepoy Wellington Massar
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Sepoy Wellington Massar was born in the Khasi Hills in Meghalaya, India, in 1925. He was the son of Padma Saikia and Rodamai Massar.

Massar grew up to serve with the first battalion of the Assam Regiment and was recognised for his role in the Battle of Jesami on 28 March 1944 - the first battle with the Japanese to be fought on Indian soil.

He held his post despite repeated attacks and when the withdrawal was finally ordered, he was the last man to leave the sector.

Massar also saw action at the Battle of Kohima on 15 April 1944. He set up his machine gun on the top of a billiard table in a bombed club house and provided continuous covering-fire for his comrades. Despite being wounded in the leg he refused to be evacuated and had his wounds dressed on the spot.

Massar survived the action but later died of gangrene on 18 May 1944, aged 19. He was posthumously awarded the Indian Distinguished Service Medal for his actions at Jessami and Kohima.

He is commemorated in CWGC Imphal War Cemetery, India at plot 7.G.21.