Country Malaysia
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GPS Coordinates Latitude: 2.29191
Longitude: 102.09379

Location Information

Terendak Military Cemetery is located within the boundaries of Terendak Military Camp, which is located on the Malacca - Masjid Tanah Road on the west coast, about 13 miles north of Malacca. The cemetery lies in a hollow, just off the main road running through the centre of the camp and just below the hospital. A large white cross stands to the left of the gate and inside, immediately facing the entrance, is a Memorial Wall commemorating 184 service personnel who died in Malaysia, but whose bodies were never recovered.

Visiting Information

As this cemetery is within an active military camp, permission to visit this cemetery must be obtained in advance from the military authorities and is best sought via the Defence Section of the British High Commission in Kuala Lumpur. A request to visit should be made at least 3-4 weeks prior to the date of a proposed visit. Upon arrival at the main gate of the camp, a visitor will be asked to show their passport and their permission to enter. If there are any problems obtaining access to the cemetery, please ask the staff to contact Colonel Loh Kooi Leong Tel: 019-7034129.

History Information

The camp was built during the years 1957 - 1959 and was sited at Malacca in order to assist the economy of the state. It was a Commonwealth venture designed to house the 28th Commonwealth Infantry Brigade on their move from North Malaysia in 1959 - 1960. Funds were provided by the Governments of Great Britain, Australia and New Zealand on a percentage basis. The first units of 28th Commonwealth Infantry Brigade moved into Terendak Camp in late 1959 and by mid 1960 the camp was fully occupied, although building work carried on until 1964, when the hospital was completed. Units of 28th Commonwealth Infantry Brigade were actively engaged in Borneo during the period of confrontation with Indonesia from 1963 until 1966 and some casualties from this campaign are buried in the cemetery. Additionally some Australian and New Zealand casualties from the Vietnam war were flown to Terendak and buried there. The remainder of the graves are those of British and Commonwealth troops and their dependants who died of natural causes during the Brigade's occupation of the camp, plus the remains of some service personnel who were exhumed from outlying cemeteries and reburied in Terendak. The camp was vacated by 28th Commonwealth Infantry Brigade during the period November 1969 to February 1970 and was handed over to the Malaysian army on 28 March 1970 and is now occupied by a Malaysian Infantry Brigade. There are now 102 Non World War servicemen and dependant burials in this cemetery.



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