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Commonwealth war graves tours, talks and events

Want to explore a CWGC site near you, but don’t know where to start? Our war graves tours are an ideal way to discover the history on your doorstep and learn more about the work of the CWGC near you.

War Graves Week tour at Oxford Botley Cemetery

Our public tours will resume in MAY 2024 

War Graves Week will be taking place between 11th - 19th May 2024 with upcoming tours at CWGC sites across the United Kingdom, France, Belgium, Italy, The Netherlands and many other sites across the globe.


Explore other opportunities below:

Many events are taking place at CWGC cemeteries and monuments during War Graves Week between 11-19 May. Events are currently being arranged and the list will be constantly updated, so please check in regularly to see what events are happening near you.

Book a tour for your school, group or organisation

Book a tour for your school, group or organisation

There is a wealth of world war history across all four corners of the United Kingdom. From large CWGC war cemeteries and memorials to single headstones in remote churchyards, you're never too far away from one of our sites

To organise a large group or school tour BOOK HERE


Memory Anchor

Bring your visit to a CWGC site to life through augmented reality. 

Powered by Memory Anchor, we’ve created a number of guided tours, that you can access on your phone, to pilot you through your chosen cemetery or memorial. Learn more about the people commemorated in our sites and learn more about the work of the CWGC.

The Memory Anchor app is free to download and use and is available on both Android and iOS. Initially, this new technology is only available at some of our largest UK sites, but we’ve plans to expand our offering further afield. 

Download on iOS Download on Android

CWGC Talks

Bring the CWGC to you through our range of engaging, informative talks. We can offer in person or virtual talks that cover the history and work of the CWGC, our horticulture around the world, our iconic architecture and its conservation, and an exploration of the CWGC Archives.

We’re available to visit schools, colleges and universities, as well as social groups and community organisations. 

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Build Your own Flanders Tour

The battlefields of Belgium were home to some of the bloodiest fighting of World War One. Today, CWGC cemeteries and memorials stand proud across Flanders Fields paying tribute to those who fought and died there. 

You can use our series of guides to take a WW1 battlefield tour through our sites in Flanders. We’ve curated some tours we think you’ll like and highlighted some of our must-see sites. Whether you wish to visit one of our well-known sites or discover something new, you can build your own Flanders pilgrimage. 

Explore Flanders

Can't see anything suitable for you?

If none of our upcoming events are suitable for you, please contact our Public Engagement team who endeavour to find a suitable tour or talk option for you or your group.

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A War Graves Week tour at Hooge Crater Cemetery. Photo: Marcel Weerts

Types of War Grave Tours

Joining us on a tour is one of the best ways to find out more about our work, the history of the world wars and the stories of the men and women of the Commonwealth who served in both conflicts. 

Each cemetery and memorial tells its own story, knitting together the roles of those commemorated there with the larger story of the wars. 

You can discover more about: 

Guided War Grave Tours

We run a range of guided tours for special events throughout the year to coincide with important dates, anniversaries, and commemorative events. 

During our annual War Graves Week events, we run tours at our sites across the country where visitors can find out more about the world war history on their doorstep, and more about the Commission and our work. 
These tours are led by our trained volunteers who are local residents, including former CWGC Interns, who are passionate about the history of the world wars. 

We also run guided war graves tours for special events such as Heritage Open Days, Women’s History Month and during the Remembrance period.

Keep an eye on our events page and social channels to find events on Commonwealth war graves near you. 

Self-Guided War Grave Tours

We have a range of self-guided tours for some of our biggest cemeteries and memorials across the United Kingdom. 

You can download and print these tours and take them with you when you visit one of our sites, they’ll give you a range of facts and information about the men and women commemorated there, as well as interesting or unique features to keep an eye out for when you visit. 

War Grave Tours for Schools and Students

We have a huge network of dedicated tour guides across the UK, ready and able to provide tours of your local CWGC sites. Our tours can be tailored to suit your needs, covering the work of the commission, the history of the world wars and the stories of some of those commemorated near you. 

If you would like to organise a large group or school tour please contact us through 

War Grave Tours in Europe

CWGC cemeteries and memorials across Europe attract visitors from around the world: pilgrimages from family and friends to a loved one’s burial place, history enthusiasts visiting the former battlefields and supporters of the Commission looking for a new site to explore. 

From the battlefields of France and Belgium, the island fortress of Malta and the towns and villages of Britain, you’re never far from the history of the world wars. 

The Ypres Salient has become all but synonymous with World War One in Belgium. Today, the echoes of the war persist in across the country, particularly at the cemeteries and war memorials that have become part of the landscape.

The Ieper Information Centre 

No trip to the Ypres Salient is complete without a visit to our Ieper information centre. Here you’ll learn about the work of the commission in Belgium and around the world, and our dedicated team is on hand to provide tips and guides for your visit to our sites and can help you discover our casualty database and begin researching your family members. 

Ypres War Graves Tours

Ieper Walking tour

Download and follow our Ieper walking tour, which will take you from Ypres Reservoir Cemetery, through the historic town of Ieper to the Menin Gate, one of our most iconic memorials to the missing and the place of commemoration for more than 54,000 officers and men who died in the area and who have no known grave. 

Follow our Ieper Walking Tour

Tyne Cot Cemetery and Memorial 

The fighting around the Ypres salient was some of the bloodiest of World War One. At the end of the war, more than 12,000 casualties were brought to Tyne Cot and were buried in what is now the largest Commonwealth cemetery in the world. Take a tour of the cemetery and the Tyne Cot memorial and discover the stories of the men who fought and died here. At Tyne Cot, we also offer war grave tours for visually impaired visitors. 

Visit Tyne Cot

The Menin Gate 

The Menin Gate is perhaps the most famous of our memorials to the missing. Unveiled in 1927, the memorial commemorated more than 54,000 Commonwealth casualties. This tour focuses on the architectural and design details that make this memorial special. 

Explore the Menin Gate

Visiting the battlefields of France should be top of the list on any history enthusiast’s travels. In World War One, the trenches of the Western Front cut through the French countryside, turning the picturesque landscape into a hellscape of blood, fire and mud. 

War returned to France in 1940 and while France didn’t see the same sort of fighting as in the First World War, it was still the scene of some of the key moments of the conflict. As such, thousands of men and women of the Commonwealth are commemorated on memorials and war graves in France. 

The CWGC Experience 

If you are looking to discover more about our work in France and around the world, the best place to start is at The CWGC Experience in Beaurains, near Arras in Northern France. 

The CWGC Experience is an award-winning visitors centre that shines a light on our work at the heart of remembrance. During your visit, our free audio guild will explain the history of the commission and what it takes to commemorate the 1.7 million men and women of the commonwealth who died during the two world wars. You’ll also be able to see our master craftsmen at work and discover what’s needed to maintain our iconic cemeteries and memorials around the world. 

Visit the CWGC Visitor Centre

Battle of the Somme 

The Battle of the Somme is one of the most famous actions of World War One. By the end of 141 days of fighting, there were more than one million casualties on both sides. Here you will find the largest CWGC Memorial. The Thiepval Memorial stands at the crest of a hill, overlooking the battlefield. 

Explore the Battle of the Somme

Arras Cemeteries and Memorial

Described as some of the bloodiest fighting of the war, the Allies’ spring offensive at Arras in 1917 led to around 300,000 servicemen wounded, missing or killed on both sides. Home to the iconic Canadian Vimy Memorial, Arras Memorial and Cabaret-Rouge, to name a few, these sites particularly demonstrate the scale of the destruction of the Great War. 

Discover the cemeteries of Arras


Normandy War Graves Tours

D-Day, and the subsequent invasion of Normandy, marked the beginning of the end of World War 2 in Western Europe. Through our sites in Normandy, you can follow the path of the invasion force as they moved from the beaches inland. These cemeteries tell the stories of the men who died during the opening days of the operation. 

Explore Normandy War Graves

The island of Malta played a vital role during both world wars. During World War One, Malta was a medical hub and base of operations, and in World War Two, the island was besieged for more than two years.

There are close to 10,000 casualties of the world wars commemorated on Malta, and you can discover more about their stories on our tours of two of our largest sites on the island, Imtarfa Military Cemetery and Pieta Military Cemetery. 

Tours run at these sites every Friday and Monday between 9.00 am and 1.00 pm, and also at weekends upon request. 

Find out more by emailing 

Resources for visiting war graves

We offer a range of resources for some of our most interesting and well known sites around the world. While they are designed for school visits, there are enough facts and stats in there to teach even the biggest history buffs something new. 

Explore our global sites

On sale in our Foundation’s online shop is a Michelin Atlas of Cemeteries and Memorials in Belgium and Northern France. This map is the perfect guide for anyone wishing to find and visit some of the iconic CWGC sites on the Western Front.

Explore our online shop

How do I find Commonwealth War Graves near me? 

You can use our website to discover Commonwealth war graves and memorials near you. You can search by country and region or use your computer or phone’s location services to learn more about what’s near you.

Find cemeteries and memorials

Can't see anything suitable for you?
Can't see anything suitable for you?

If none of our upcoming events are suitable for you, please contact our Public Engagement team who will endeavour to find a suitable tour or talk option for you or your group.


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