Find the commemoration details of each of the Commonwealth war dead

The Commonwealth War Graves Commission war records databases record the details and commemoration location of every Commonwealth casualty from the First and Second World Wars.

You can also explore the CWGC War Archive, which holds over 60,000 items from the Commission's past including personal correspondence, maintenance and tour reports, staff records, photographs and press cuttings.


Our database allows you to search for the military records of war dead, as well as for locations of war graves and commemorative sites. 

Work began collecting the casualty war records after WW1 by the military authorities. They aim to provide perpetual commemoration to those who died while serving in the Commonwealth forces during the war.

Search First World War Records

Remember the roll of honour from the First World War, including commissioned officers and other ranks.

Search World War Two War Records

Learn details about the people who lost their lives during WW2.

Search War Records UK

Find details of members of the British army who died as well as locations of war memorials and cemeteries and military records in the UK.

How Do You Find War Records?

Whether you want to research a soldier who died in the great war or to find the military service records of a family member in the armed forces, our search tool allows you to discover a wealth of information. 

To find records of the war dead, use our search tool to search by name(s), initials, service number, regiment, country and army served in. You can also search by date of death, cemetery or memorial, unit, rank and honours and awards. 

Find more information on how to search in our war research guides.

Alternatively, the CWGC archive is open to the public and contains items from the organisation’s past since it began in 1917. Here you can find photographs, reports and files.

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Find War Dead

We maintain a database of the 1.7 million men and women of the Commonwealth who died during the two world wars. Use our search tools to explore our records and find out about those we commemorate.

Find War Dead
Read more about Explore the CWGC archive
Explore the CWGC archive

Our archive contains over 60,000 items including personal correspondence, maintenance and tour reports, staff records, photographs and press cuttings. Explore our history today.

Explore the CWGC archive
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About our records

Find out more about the creation of our records and learn about how we maintain and update them today. You can also find out what to do if you spot an error and how you can tell us about it.

About our records
Read more about Who does CWGC Commemorate?
Who does CWGC Commemorate?

View our Eligibility policy and find out about our Commemorations team and the work they do in finding, identifying and recording the casualties we commemorate.

Who does CWGC Commemorate?
Read more about World War Two Service Records
World War Two Service Records

Learn about the records and medal information held by the CWGC and find out how you can find out more about the soldier records from World War 2.

World War Two Service Records
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Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question about our work? Read our list of FAQs and get in touch with our dedicated enquiries team.

Frequently Asked Questions