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Service Number: LF/145
Regiment & Unit/Ship

King's African Rifles

1/6th Bn.

Date of Death

Died 19 May 1941

Age 28 years old

Buried or commemorated at


Column 37.


Commonwealth War Graves Commission - Headstone Placeholder
  • Country of Service United Kingdom
  • Awards Victoria Cross
  • Additional Info Son of Arundell Gray A. and Elizabeth Leakey, of Kiganjo, Kenya.
  • Additional Citation note

    The citation in the London Gazette of 15th November, 1945, gives the following particulars: On 19th May, 1941, at Colito, Abyssinia, two companies of the 1/6th The King's African Rifles crossed the Billate River and established a precarious bridgehead. The enemy launched a surprise counter-attack with tanks. With complete disregard for his own safety and in the face of withering fire, Serjeant Leakey leaped on top of a tank coming from behind the British positions, wrenched open the turret and shot the crew except the driver, whom he ordered to drive to cover. He then charged across open ground under fire and with three of the African troops stalked the other tanks. He succeeded in jumping on to the third tank, and opened the turret and killed one of the crew before being shot off by the fourth tank. His determination and his initiative were responsible for breaking up the Italian tank attack, and for saving a most critical situation. The superb courage and magnificent fighting spirit which he displayed, facing almost certain death, was an incentive to his comrades, who fought on with inspiration after witnessing his gallantry and succeeded in retaining their positions in the face of great odds.

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