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The Dar es Salaam African Memorial, known locally as the “Askari Monument”, stands at the centre of the junction of Samora Avenue and Nnamdi Azikiwe Street in downtown Dar es Salaam. It commemorates East African soldiers and carriers who died during the First World War.

Over 34,000 East African soldiers and over 600,000 porters and carriers served with British Empire forces throughout the campaigns against Germany’s colonial forces in East Africa during the First World War. The memorial commemorates over 50,000 who died during the war.

Key Features

  • One of three memorials erected to commemorate East African soldiers and carriers who died during the First World War
  • The memorial takes the form of a bronze figure representing a soldier of the King’s African Rifles, and two bronzes relief depicting the work of the King’s African Rifles, Intelligence Corps and Carrier Corps
  • Known locally as the Askari Monument
  • The memorial was designed by James Alexander Stevenson
  • Memorial complete in 1928
Dar es Salaam memorial 1928


East Africa saw some of the earliest fighting of the First World War, starting on 8 August 1914, and some of the latest, as German troops didn't formally surrender until 25 November 1918 following news of the Armistice on the Western Front.

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Dar es Salaam memorial relief


The East African memorials saw a departure from the usual convention, focusing on speaking to the local population rather than a European architectural style.

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