Country France
Region Seine-Maritime
Total identified casualties 378 Find these records
Casualties from First World War

Visitors should be aware that access to this cemetery can be difficult during bad weather. We advise to leave vehicles at the bottom of the pathway leading up to the cemetery and walk the remaining distance of 600m. Visitors with mobility problems should take extra care when going up the path which is partly uphill on undulating ground.

Near Dieppe in France is Arques-la-Bataille British Cemetery. It contains the graves of nearly 400 servicemen of the British Empire in the First World War, many of which were members of the South African Native Labour Corps (SANLC).

By the Autumn of 1916, the demand for labour to carry out vital logistical work behind the Allied lines on the Western Front was becoming critical. In South Africa, the SANLC was soon established and recruiting commenced.

key features

  • Many of the burials at Arques-la-Bataille British Cemetery are members of the South African Native Labour Corps (SANLC)
  • The cemetery was designed by John Reginald Truelove
  • The cemetery also contains a memorial to all members of the SANLC who died in France
  • The memorial was designed by Arthur James Scott Hutton and features a Great War Stone with a concave bronze medallion


The SANLC came to France early in 1917 and No.1 General Labour Hospital was established at its camp at Arques-la-Bataille near Dieppe.

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Arques-la-Bataille British Cemetery is open every day, however access is difficult for those with mobility problems.

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