Country France
Region Somme
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Casualties from First World War

In the village of Nolette in France is Noyelles-sur-Mer Chinese Cemetery. It contains more than 800 graves of Chinese workers who were employed as labour by the British Empire during the First World War.

By the autumn of 1916, the demand for labour to carry out vital logistical work behind the Allied lines on the Western Front was becoming critical. In October 1916, following an example set by the French, the British approached the then neutral Chinese government with a plan that would lead to the formation of the Chinese Labour Corps.

Key Features

  • Truelove visited the Chinese section of the British Museum and a Chinese warehouse for inspiration
  • The inscription in Chinese carved around the entrance feature was chosen by Shi Zhaoji, who was the Chinese Ambassador to Great Britain during the war
  • It was designed by Sir Edwin Lutyens, assisted by Captain John Reginald Truelove


Noyelles-Sur-Mer was the base depot of the Chinese Labour Corps in France, the site of their largest camp.

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The cemetery is in Nolette on the road to Fliheaucourt. It is open every day.

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