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Karachi War Cemetery

  • Country Pakistan
  • Total identified casualties 642 Find these casualties
  • Identified casualties from Second World War
  • GPS Coordinates Latitude: 24.89489, Longitude: 67.09108

Location information

The cemetery is a few miles from the centre of Karachi, to the north-east on National Stadium Road and can be reached by taxi. It is now surrounded by the naval colony and is adjacent to the new naval cemetery. The easiest way to reach the War Cemetery from the city centre is to go to the National Stadium and follow the road leading to Dalmia in which the airport is situated. From the airport follow the reverse road from Dalmia to the National Stadium and the Cemetery is situated to the left hand side of National Stadium Road. Owing to constant problems the direction signs have been removed but attempts will be made at resiting them.

Visiting information


The route to the cemetery is signposted.


There is a car park area directly in front of the cemetery.

Changes in level from the main road surface means there is a level difference between the main road and the parking area and may not be suitable for smaller vehicles.

A more accessible parking area is close to the marketplace, approximately 30 metres east of the main entrance to the cemetery.


The cemetery is a rectangular shape and located at the side of a main road.

There is a drop of approximately 300 mm from the main road, across gravel and concrete kerbing down to a concrete pavement in front of the Memorial Entrance Building.

Three steps lead up to a paved area with metal gates opening inwards into the cemetery. Each pair of latched gates are approximately 1.5m total width.

The 1939-1945 Memorial Roll of Honour is located on the left side of the Memorial Building, viewed from inside the cemetery.

The cemetery and Memorial Register Boxes are located on the right side of the Memorial Building, viewed from inside the cemetery.

Two steps lead down from the paved memorial area into the cemetery.

A Stone of Remembrance is in front the Memorial Building inside the cemetery.

The 1914-1918 Memorial is at the furthest point of the cemetery from the main entrance, in line with the Cross of Sacrifice, located in the middle of the cemetery. There is a long double step between the Cross of Sacrifice and the 1914-1918 Memorial.

There are covered seating areas with stone benches on both sides of the cemetery, facing towards the Stone of Remembrance. Additionally, seating areas with benches are located inside the memorial building at the main entrance, as well as to the rear of the cemetery on either side of the 1914-1918 Memorial.

All internal paths are grass, and the ground inside the cemetery has a gentle slope.


Access via the Service Area may be possible when the cemetery staff are on site. A double gate (2 metres wide and 1.70 high metal gate leads from the paved Service Area into the cemetery. Access is only possible when staff are present on site.


The opening hours of the cemetery are:

Monday to Thursday 0800 hrs to 1700 hrs

Friday 0800 hrs to 1200 hrs

Saturday 0800 hrs to 1700 hrs

Outside of these hours the gates at the cemetery main entrance are locked.

Download Cemetery Plan

History information

KARACHI WAR CEMETERY was created to receive Second World War graves from civil and cantonment cemeteries scattered throughout northern Pakistan where their permanent maintenance could not be assured.

The cemetery contains 642 Commonwealth burials of the Second World War.

The KARACHI 1939-45 WAR MEMORIAL forms the entrance to Karachi War Cemetery. It commemorates more than 25,000 servicemen of the forces of undivided India who died during the Second World War in non-operational zones. Their remains were accorded the last rites and disposal required by their various religions and their names are commemorated at memorials in Delhi and Karachi. No names appear on the memorials but a Roll of Honour at each site, one in Hindi, the other in Urdu, record the names of those commemorated.

Karachi War Cemetery also contains the KARACHI 1914-18 MEMORIAL, commemorating 568 men who served in garrisons and died in Pakistan (formerly India) during the First World War and who lie buried in civil and cantonment cemeteries where their graves could no longer be maintained.