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Restoring the Menin Gate

While most work at our cemeteries and memorials can take place without any inconvenience to visitors, every now and then we need to undertake major projects which require us to limit access and even close our sites to the public.

Starting 17th April 2023 the Commonwealth War Graves Commission are undertaking major restoration work on the Menin Gate. Built in the 1920’s, the gate has been exposed to the weather and pollution throughout its life and has required constant maintenance and care. To guarantee the long-term preservation of the Gate we are undertaking a full-scale restoration of the Memorial.

Our Approach

The restoration of the Menin Gate is a complex and challenging project. We are committed to undertaking the work in the most sustainable way possible. We are seeking to reduce the impact of the project on the environment and dramatically improving the Gates environmental credentials for the future. We will undertake much of the work on site, reducing the transportation of materials, and are committed to the conservation of the original materials, restoring, and not replacing where possible. Respect is integrated into our work; respect for the design, for the original materials, and for the traditional techniques used; respect for our neighbours and the environment; and respect for you, our valued visitors.

What’s happening?

See more about the restoration project in the short videos below.


Sarah Camerlynck, CWGC Project Manager for the Menin Gate Restoration Project.

The process involved in the identification and repair of damage to the Menin Gate.

Assessing the commemorative panels for restoration by stonemasons in situ as required.

How we are combatting the different forms of weathering and erosion to the Monument.

Cleaning and repointing the brickwork façades and replacing missing or damaged bricks.

Replacing and waterproofing the roof, transforming it into an eco-roof to encourage biodiversity.

The intricate ceilings are being repainted, requiring extensive preparation as asbestos is present in the current paint layers.

A new lighting system is being installed across the memorial to help reduce energy consumption and maintenance costs.

Our information centre with its interactive display of the name panels is just a few steps away from the Monument.