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Happy Commonwealth Day!

Photo: courtesy Commonwealth Secretariat

For the CWGC, every day is a Commonwealth Day.

Funded by six Commonwealth member countries - Australia, Canada, India, New Zealand, South Africa and the UK, we commemorate the 1.7 million Commonwealth war dead from the First and Second World Wars in 23,000 locations across the world through the work of our dedicated teams.

Our work continues, not just looking after the existing cemeteries, monuments and graves, but in the ongoing recovery and identification of the Commonwealth fallen and ensuring they are not forgotten.

An important part of our work involves ensuring our worldwide estate is managed sustainably. CWGC is undertaking initiatives on local, national and international levels to reduce our carbon footprint and increase biodiversity across all of our operations.

Read more about our sutainability programmes


To all our dedicated team members and members of the Commonwealth,
best wishes and have a great Commonwealth Day!

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