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Non-Commemoration Programme Annual Review – April 2024

Cover image to the Non-Com annual review 2024

The third annual review charting CWGC’s progress in addressing historical inequalities in commemoration is published today.

Our work is entirely focused on properly commemorating the service personnel who served for the British Empire and were not remembered equally, or individually, by name.

On beginning the programme three years ago, we had the daunting task of finding records and names. Today we can show how we have used global archival research and fieldwork to locate existing records, and move closer to understanding the scale of previously uncommemorated service personnel – ensuring no-one is forgotten.

The work underway is testament to partnerships with stakeholders around the globe. This year we progress four landmark new, sustainable projects in Kenya, Malawi, Sierra Leone and South Africa, and have funded a PhD post to better understand inconsistencies in Indian commemoration.

We add to the architectural and commemorative heritage of the CWGC by honouring individuals who, for far too long, have been overlooked. The programme is core to the CWGC, bringing people together in shared remembrance and the future commemoration of all those who lost their lives during the First and Second World Wars. 

Download the report here

Find out more about our Non-Commemorations work
Find out more about our Non-Commemorations work

Discover more about the work of our Non-Commemorations team - find out more about our outreach programmes and more about our memorials in Cape Town, Nairobi and around the world.

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