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Eyes On, Hands On

Caring for the War Dead in the UK


Existing Eyes On, Hands On volunteers can once again visit local war grave sites in their area to conduct inspections and play a vital role in helping us to maintain UK war graves.

Thanks to the amazing response for recruiting Eyes On, Hands On volunteers we are now only recruiting in very specific towns and areas. If you wish to volunteer please click the button below to find out which areas are available.

Learn more about the volunteer vacancies in your area.

If you have any questions about the project, please contact us on

About the Project

While many people know about the Commonwealth War Graves Commission’s work in France and Belgium, there are more than 160,000 war graves spread across the UK which are often less known about.

The Eyes On, Hands On project allows volunteers across the country to reconnect with this history and heritage on their doorstep and help CWGC to ensure these war graves – scattered across more than 12,500 locations – are clean and well-tended.

Once trained as an Eyes On, Hands On volunteer you will be encouraged to visit the churchyards and burial grounds near to where you live. You will be equipped with the know-how to spot the isolated graves which come under the Commission’s care, and undertake inspection visits to ensure each grave is in a good condition. This regular information from local volunteers ensures CWGC’s professional teams can be better directed and allows us to act fast if an issue is found.


Wherever you live in the UK it’s likely there are war graves nearby. By entering your postcode on the following page you can see what sites are within a 10 mile radius and the details of who is buried there.

You can learn more about war graves in the UK here.

Support for Eyes On, Hands On

This project has been made possible thanks to a generous donation from Annington.