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Find War Memorials and War Cemeteries

Find 23,000 war memorials and war cemeteries from around the world with the help of our search database. Search by location, war and number of casualties to research and visit commemorative sites.

Want to find CWGC on the go? Our simple to use app allows you to search for individual WW1 and WW2 graves at more than 23,000 locations, in more than 150 countries and territories and makes it easy to find and visit these places of remembrance.

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Currently, all sites in Gaza are closed to visitors.

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How to search for War Memorials Online

Our database contains information on about 23,000 cemeteries and memorials worldwide where Commonwealth casualties from the two world wars are commemorated.

It is possible to search for our World War cemeteries and memorials by name, location, war, and even size.

Country, location and war are drop down lists from which you can select the desired country, location or war you wish to search by.

If you know the name of the CWGC location you wish to visit, you can enter it into the location field. An exact match is not required as if you do not enter an exact name, you will be presented with a list of possible matches.

The number of casualties field can be used in combination with the above or on its own to search for and find locations both large and small.

Cemeteries and War Memorials List

The Commonwealth War Graves Commission remembers and honours the men and women who lost their lives during the World Wars by maintaining cemeteries, graves and memorials across the world. 

From national war memorials to armed forces memorials and cemeteries, explore some of the different types of war memorials and commemorative sites that we preserve.

WW1 Cemeteries & war memorials

Find a list of some of the WWI memorials and military cemeteries to visit…

WW2 Memorials & Cemeteries

Discover a selection of World War II memorials and cemeteries…

Famous War Memorials & Cemeteries

Here are some of the most famous memorials and cemeteries around the world...

War Memorials in the UK

Explore key war memorials and cemeteries across the United Kingdom (Northern Ireland, Scotland, England and Wales)…

Find out how you can explore more war memorials in London using the CWGC app.

History of Commonwealth War Memorials

CWGC Cemeteries and Memorials were constructed around the world to commemorate the men and women of the British Empire, and later the Commonwealth, who fought and died during the world wars. Many cemeteries were formed at battlefields where the soldiers had fought at died.

After the wars, memorials were built to bear the names of those who could not be identified, for example after being buried in mass graves in the midst of battle, or those who had been lost at sea or in the air. These memorials to the missing stand as permanent reminders of their sacrifice. 


To find local war memorials and war cemeteries near you, use our simple search database above. Alternatively, download the CWGC War Graves app to find and visit locations on the go. 

If you live in the UK, this interactive map will show you all of the cemeteries and memorials in your region.

The Ieper Information Centre

The perfect starting point when visiting the cemeteries and memorials of the Western Front.

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The CWGC Visitor Centre

No trip to the Western Front would be complete without seeing our visitors centre in Arras, France.

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