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The London region includes cemeteries and memorials in the greater London area.

In this region the CWGC commemorates almost 60,000 service personnel at nearly 450 locations.


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Hello, I’m Megan and I’m the Senior Public Engagement Coordinator.  I manage our country-wide team of Public Engagement Coordinators, but I am also responsible for the South, South East and London Regions.

In 2018, I began my career with CWGC as an intern based at Tyne Cot Cemetery and Memorial in Belgium, which is the largest CWGC cemetery in the world. Now, in the South East region, I am responsible for engaging the public with the largest site in Great Britain, Brookwood Military Cemetery.

My great-great grandfather was killed in action during the First World War and is commemorated on Le Touret Memorial in France. Learning more about his life and researching the battalion records is what first ignited my interest in the work of the CWGC. At events and talks I am now able to help others research their relatives that have died in the World Wars, a task that always provokes an emotional reaction which has stayed with me.

A personal highlight for me was the launch of the Noor Inayat Khan digital exhibition at Runnymede Air Forces Memorial. It was fantastic to see the young women of the Girlguiding Association so engaged with Noor’s remarkable story and the work she undertook as an SOE agent.

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Hi, I’m Les and I am the Regional manager for the Commissions work across the south of England. My team work at almost 4,000 locations across the South, South East and London Regions.

I have worked for CWGC for nearly six years after serving in the British Army for 34 years in The Blues and Royal. I am usually based out of our hub at Brookwood Military Cemetery, the UK’s largest CWGC site. From here my team of skilled maintenance craftsmen (SMCs) travel across the south of England, taking care of all the headstone maintenance work required, and at times undertaking specialist work on our memorials and cemetery features, such as the Cross of Sacrifice and Stone of Remembrance.

The SMC team based at Brookwood are supported by mobile teams of gardeners who look after over 200 separate plots that need regular horticultural maintenance to keep them to our high standards. It’s my job to plan and put in place everything my teams need to get on with their busy annual schedules.

The vast majority of war graves in the South of England are in burial grounds or municipal cemeteries, so I spend a lot of time liaising with our partners. It’s important to maintain good working relationships with the local authorities and churches who own these sites to ensure we can always undertake our work to maintain the war graves.         

In London we have some of our most challenging sites to maintain. We’re responsible for many war graves that sit inside large Victorian-era cemeteries and ensuring our sections remain accessible and clear has been a huge focus of ours in recent years. I am please to say that we have made real progress, and now many war graves in London that were almost totally inaccessible now have clear and open access.  

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Hi, I’m Kevin and I’m the Regional Operations Coordinator for the South, South East and London Regions. I have always had an interest in history and was always reading. I was given a copy of Courage Remembered by Ward and Gibson and this fuelled an interest in War Graves in the Britain. I had visited sites in the Netherlands, including Oosterbeek, and spent time in the cemetery there.

I never really thought of ever joining the CWGC but after 25 years in the Ambulance Service I was looking for a complete change. When I saw a job with the Commission advertised a few years ago on Facebook I jumped at the chance and applied.  

For me my work allows me to play a part in continuing the CWGC story. I am aware I am a gate keeper for a short while but knowing I am involved in keeping the stories and memory’s alive until I hand the job over to the next person is a privilege.         

For me personally the most enjoyable part of my job is watching a headstone being installed on a new commemoration for the first time. Giving the casualty their name back.    

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Tower Hill Memorial

This memorial commemorates more than 36,000 Merchant sailors who have no grave but the sea.

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City of London Cemetery and Crematorium

Situated in the heart of East London, the City of London Cemetery and Crematorium is one of the largest municipal cemeteries in Europe. You will find more than 700 service personnel commemorated here.

City of London Cemetery and Crematorium
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Wandsworth (Earlsfield) Cemetery

The final resting place of close to 600 servicemen and women of both world wars. Over half of those buried in the cemetery are now named on screen walls as their graves cannot be individually marked.

Wandsworth (Earlsfield) Cemetery