Scotland West Region

The West Scotland region includes war cemeteries and memorials in Argyll and Bute, Dunbartonshire, Inverclyde, Ayrshire, the City of Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Renfrewshire, Dumfries and Galloway, and the Western and Southern Isles.

In this region the CWGC commemorates more than 8,000 service personnel at more than 360 locations.

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Meet the Team

Hi, I’m Sehar and I am the Public Engagement Coordinator for the South and West of Scotland. My background is in learning and engagement as well as heritage education. I am currently based in Glasgow and have lived in Scotland my entire life, considering this I have been interested in the history of this region for a long time.

The Glasgow Western Necropolis is a site in my region that I am especially keen to explore and begin engaging the public with through talks and tours. This Victorian cemetery not only commemorates approximately one thousand commonwealth servicemen and women, but the necropolis is also a source of incredible local history from both World Wars.

I am extremely excited to work for and represent an organisation like the Commonwealth War Graves Commission that is so committed to commemorating the men and women who died in the First and Second World Wars.  It makes me happy to know that my work for the commission will help keep the stories of those casualties alive for future generations.

Hi, I’m Iain and I am the Regional Manager for the Commissions work in Scotland. Across the Scotland East and West Regions my teams work at 1,275 locations, from inner city cemeteries to isolated graveyards on the Scottish Isles.

My team and I don’t just cover mainland Scotland and the Scottish Islands, we also look after war graves on Iceland and the Faroe Islands. In the UK, we’ve arguably got the toughest geography to deal with. On top of the variety you’ll find all across the country, many of our sites in the Highlands and Islands can only be reached by plane, boat and at times on foot. Given the harsh weather conditions in this part of the world, we often have narrow windows in which to complete projects, and at times have to postpone inspections to avoid getting stranded during storms.

My role is very varied and includes many tasks including overall responsibility of the team, managing the budget, dealing with enquiries, maintaining and improving overall standards, ensuring compliance with health and safety regulations and general issues that affect our work. I also work with representatives from local authorities and other stakeholders regarding the work we carry out. With such a large spread of sites, we rely on support in the community, to compliment the work of my team. I represent the Commission in Scotland, attending events and ceremonies as required. The team are based in Alloa.

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Discover Glasgow (Western) Necropolis

Glasgow was a major hub of military activity during both world wars.

Glasgow Western Necropolis
Read more about Ayr Cemetery
Ayr Cemetery

Opened in 1862, today we commemorate over 200 Commonwealth servicemen and women here. It may surprise you to learn that Ayr had strong trans-Atlantic military connections during both world wars.

Ayr Cemetery
Read more about Kilchoman Military Cemetery
Kilchoman Military Cemetery

This isolated cemetery was begun following the sinking of the troop ship HMS Otranto off Islay in October 1918 and is the final resting place of 74 British servicemen, 71 being crewmen of the Otranto.

Kilchoman Military Cemetery
Read more about Greenock Cemetery
Greenock Cemetery

Overlooking the town of Greenock on the River Clyde, Greenock Cemetery is the largest cemetery containing graves from both wars in Scotland.

Greenock Cemetery
Read more about Oban (Pennyfuir) Cemetery
Oban (Pennyfuir) Cemetery

Oban (Pennyfuir) Cemetery contains 23 Commonwealth burials of the First World War and a further 58 of the Second World War, as well as 1 Dutch merchant seaman and 4 non-war Service burials.

Oban (Pennyfuir) Cemetery