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The South region includes cemeteries and memorials in Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Hampshire, the Isle of Wight, London, Oxfordshire and Surrey.

In this region the CWGC commemorates more than 74,000 service personnel at almost 850 locations.

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Meet the Team

Hi, I’m Will and I am the Public Engagement Coordinator for the South Region. I have always been fascinated by modern conflict history. It is something about the extraordinary variety of stories and the tangibility of this history that captures my imagination like no other period does. This influenced me to study a degree in Archaeology and to get involved in several projects investigating battlefields and aircraft crash sites and the soldiers connected to them, which naturally led me to discover this fantastic organisation.

In April 2019, I was incredibly fortunate to begin my career by working for the Commission as a Commonwealth War Graves Foundation Intern at Thiepval Memorial in France. Some of my fondest memories of this experience are of helping visitors discover the relatives they never knew they had. The moment they made this realisation was always incredibly profound and moving, and is a feeling I will never forget.

As of January 2021, I have been honoured to pick up where I left off as an Intern to continue playing my part in ensuring those commemorated by the Commission are never forgotten. So please do continue to browse these pages and discover a local CWGC site or a legacy of your own that will inspire you to uncover more of our shared heritage - you never know what you might find!

Hi, I’m Kevin and I’m the Regional Operations Coordinator for the South, South East and London Regions. I have always had an interest in history and was always reading. I was given a copy of Courage Remembered by Ward and Gibson and this fuelled an interest in War Graves in the Britain. I had visited sites in the Netherlands, including Oosterbeek, and spent time in the cemetery there.

I never really thought of ever joining the CWGC but after 25 years in the Ambulance Service I was looking for a complete change. When I saw a job with the Commission advertised a few years ago on Facebook I jumped at the chance and applied.  

For me my work allows me to play a part in continuing the CWGC story. I am aware I am a gate keeper for a short while but knowing I am involved in keeping the stories and memory’s alive until I hand the job over to the next person is a privilege.         

For me personally the most enjoyable part of my job is watching a headstone being installed on a new commemoration for the first time. Giving the casualty their name back.    

To get in touch with the regional operations team, please: 

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Discover Brookwood Military Cemetery

With over 5,000 service personnel commemorated, Brookwood is the largest CWGC cemetery in Britain.

Brookwood Military Cemetery
Read more about Runnymede Memorial
Runnymede Memorial

This memorial commemorates more than 20000 service men and women of the air forces who died during operations from bases in the United Kingdom and North and Western Europe and who have no known graves

Runnymede Memorial
Read more about Hollybrook Memorial
Hollybrook Memorial

The Hollybrook Memorial commemorates almost 1,000 servicemen of the army and air forces who died in seas around the United Kingdom during the First World war and have no known grave.

Hollybrook Memorial
Read more about Portsmouth Naval Memorial
Portsmouth Naval Memorial

One of the three great naval memorials built by the CWGC which commemorate the missing of the royal navy from the world wars. Here are named over 24,000 service personnel who have no grave but the sea

Portsmouth Naval Memorial
Read more about Oxford (Botley) Cemetery
Oxford (Botley) Cemetery

Located in North Hinksey, Oxford (Botley) Cemetery is the largest of the 167 Commonwealth War Graves Commission sites in Oxfordshire. The cemetery contains some 740 burials from both wars.

Oxford (Botley) Cemetery
Read more about Lee-on-Solent Memorial
Lee-on-Solent Memorial

The memorial at Lee-on-Solent in Hampshire commemorates over 1,900 service personnel of the Fleet Air Arm who died across the globe and who have no known grave.

Lee-on-Solent Memorial